Baime HEP 19 MW

The Baime Hydropower Project is located on the Baime River in the valley adjacent to and south of the  existing Baiune Hydropower Project area. The valley to the south of the Baiune River is referred to as  the Baime River valley, Papaua New Guinea. The SMEC International Pty Ltd made a contract with Mr Laxman Aryal for Hydraulic Design and Numerical modelling for headworks structures and check the trapping efficiency of settling Basin.

A snap generated from the numerical modelling has been presented below. This numerical CFD modelling is simulated to verify the design calculation made for,

  • excess flow from side channel spillway,
  • Stilling basin
  • Flow regime at the intake during 100 yrs and 500 yrs flood
Flow regime at headworks – numerical modelling