Mr Laxman Aryal


Hydropower - Hydraulic Expert (Numerical Modelling  & transient Analysis) Since 2000

He is Master in Hydraulic Schemes, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, (EPFL), Switzerland – 2007 and Bachelor in Civil Engineering, Institute of Engineering, Pulchowk Campus Tribhuvan University, Nepal – 2000.

Dynamic Hydraulic Engineer who maintains a positive and creative outlook on hydraulic solutions for Intake and water conveyance system. Working as a Hydraulic Expert for the different range of project in Asia Pacific region under SMEC from 2008 to 2016/17. Core hydraulic structure engineer for SMEC to run CFD software as well as transient analysis, that includes the Flow 3D OpenFOAM, Hytran and River Flow 2D. Responsibility includes the review of hydraulic design and supervision of construction projects. Well exposed on feasibility and detailed design for hydraulic works, hydrology, and project layout including design management of small to medium scale hydropower projects. Competent user of hydraulic modelling using Flow 3D and Hytran. During master’s course from Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, (ETH-VAW /EPFL 2007), wrote a thesis on physical modelling of River bed stabilization. Holds professional experience more than 18 years.

More confidence on hydro-project management and dealing with clients. Currently leading four projects under NEA Engineering Company for detail engineering design works. The responsibility included as, dealing with clients, and work as key person to manage the international resources and technical issues of the projects. He got work experience in different countries as Nepal, Papua New Guinea (PNG), Malaysia and Switzerland.


His Project and Job History 

International Team Leader, NEA Engineering Co Ltd, Multiple projects (> 1800 MW),         Oct 2017 – Ongoing, Nepal

Reservoir Simulation & Hydraulic Expert, Budhi Ganga HPP, 25 MW, Tender/DPR               June 2017 – Ongoing, Nepal

Hydraulic Expert, Super Tamor HPP, 155 MW, Feasibility/Tender,                                             June 2017 – Ongoing, Nepal

Hydraulic Review, Rasuwagadhi HEP 111 MW, Construction                                                    Dec 2016 – Ongoing, Nepal

Project Manager, Trishuli Galchhi HEP, 75 MW, Tender Design,                                                  Aug 2016 – Dec 2016, Nepal

Lead Hydraulic/Structures Engineer, Wawa PSP, 500MW Feasibility/Tender                        May  2015– 2017, Philippines

Lead Hydraulic/Structures Engineer, Kerian Project, 14MW, Construction                          Jan 2013– 2016, Malaysia

Hydraulic Reviewer, Sibundong HEP, 84 MW (Feasibility)                                                            Oct 2013– Apr 2015, Indonesia

Hydraulic Structures Engineer, Telom HEP, 230MW,                                                                   Nov 2013– Mar 2015, Malaysia

Hydraulic Structures Engineer, Ulu Jelai Pump Storage, 1050MW,                                           Aug 2013– Oct 2014, Malaysia

Hydraulic Structures Engineer, Baleh HEP, 1400MW,                                                                  Aug 2012– Oct 2014, Malaysia

CFD Modulator (Flow 3D), Different Projects,                                                                                 Aug 2011 – 2016, Malaysia

Hydropower Engineer, Ulu Jelia HEP,383 MW, Construction                                                Aug 2011 – 2016, Malaysia

Hydropower Engineer, DFS of Hydroelectric Projects, Yandera Project                                   April 2010 – Sep 2011, PNG

Hydropower Engineer, Scoping of Hydropower Projects, Wafi Golpu Mine,                           Feb 2010 – Aug 2011, PNG

Hydropower Design Engineer, Upper Baiune HPP (Detail Design),                                          Apr 2009 – Apr 2010, PNG

Hydropower Design Engineer, Yandera Cu Mo Hydroelectric Projects,                                     Nov 2008 – 2010, PNG

Hydropower Design Engineer, Upper Baiune HPP (Feasibility),                                                 Aug 2008- Apr 2009, PNG

Project manager, Trishuli Galchhi Hydroelectric Project,                                                              May 2008 – August 2008, Nepal

Project Incharge, Golchha Organization,                                                                                            September 2007 – April 2008, Nepal

Research Engineer, VAW ETH, Zurich,                                                                                               September 2005 – June 2007, Switzerland

Consultant Engineer, Habitat Development Engineers Pvt Ltd,  Construction                     Oct 2002- Nov 2003, Nepal 

Executive site engineer, B & B Hospital, Construction