Tanahu Hydropower (140MW)

Tanahu Hydropower Project is located on the right bank of Seti River, about 150 kmWest of Kathmandu near Damauli, the district headquarters of Tanahu District. Thisis the storage type project, which is planned to have an installed capacity of 140MW with an estimated annual energy generation of 502.5 GWh. The Project isdesigned for at least six hours of peaking operation during the driest month of the year. The project area covers 2 municipalities (Vyas and Bhimad) and 2 ruralmunicipalities (Rhising and Maygde). The Vyas Municipality, with Damauli Town as district headquarter of Tanahun district, is a major urban settlement. The reservoir will extend about 25 km upstream inundating the low-lying lands (415 m) along the Seti River. The Project also include Rural Electrification (RE) and Transmission Lines (TL) component. A new 220 kV double circuits TL will evacuate the generated power to the new Bharatpur Substation. The length of the transmission line corridor is 37 km. THL signed the contract agreement with M/S Lahmeyer International inassociation with Manitoba Hydro. International, Canada (“the Consultant”) asProject Supervision Consultant (PSC)on June 29, 2015. The contract period of PSC is twelve years. The consultant will assist one year for pre-construction activities, sixyears for project construction and last five years for project operation and maintenance.