Kankai MP

Kankai Multipurpose Project Jhapa & Ilam Districts, Nepal

The project is in Approx. 3.8 km upstream of the East-West highway, Domukha, Jhapa district. The Earthen embankment dam type with asphaltic concrete lining upstream and impervious core has been proposed. The dam height above riverbed is 85 m. The design discharge 178 m3/s, total storage 925 MCM and live storage 525 MCM and that will generate annual energy 247 GWh . The install capacity of the power plant with two Francis turbine units will be 90 MW. This is a multi-purpose project that includes downstream area for irrigation and dam as part of flood control as well. It includes about 10000 ha area for irrigation and a re-regulation dam, which will provide good regulation system for downstream operation.

Scope of Services: Hydraulic review, reservoir regulation, sediment analysis and compiling the technical design reports.

Client: GEOCE Consultants (P) Ltd on behalf of GEOCE-SANIMA-BEAM JV/ Department of Electricity Development (DoED)