Machha Khola 14 MW HEP

Machha Khola Hydropower Project (MKHPP) is a Run of River (RoR) type project with installed capacity of 18 MW that lies in Gorkha District of Gandaki Zone in the Western Development Region of Nepal.

During Machha Khola site visit, headworks area looking downstream

Project site is located within the stretch between Gumda and Machha Khola village in Dharche Gaon Palika of Gorkha District. The proposed headworks of the project is located just downstream of confluence between Machha Khola and Malon Khola in Gumda village whereas the powerhouse of the project is proposed near confluence between Machha  Khola and Budhi Gandaki River in Machha Khola village. Geographically, the project area lies in between Latitude 28o 12′ 19″ N to 28o 14′ 03″N, and Longitude 84o 49′ 30″E to 84o 52′ 36″E. The proposed project will have Install capacity 20 MW with head about 616 and discharge 1.7 m3/s

The ITECO is taking lead for overall whereas Laxman Aryal is taking lead for the project design under DCS for the Hydraulic Design and optimization.