Tsak Valley

The client referred as “SMEC International Pty Ltd” requested for the CFD model test of Tale River HEP, headworks using the software developed by Flo Science. Negotiation has been made with the Client for time and price. The CFD works has been carried out by Mr Laxman Aryal, under Darshan Consulting Services Pvt Ltd. The software, Flow 3D, CFD tools developed by Flow Science has been taken as lease licence under DCS. The flow science preferred to take lease license under company rather than individual. Currently, the darshan consulting services is sole sales representative of Flow Science in Nepal under Dazztech-Malaysia/Flow Science.

The scopes include,

  • Checking capacity of canal,
  • Flow under sluice during high floods and annual flood
  • Efficiency of settling basin,
  • The flow regime at the Tyrolean weir



Numerical modelling for Tyrolean weir