Kaligandaki Koban Hydroelectric Project (163 MW HEP), Nepal

KGK HEP  is located at Mustang District in Nepal. Salient features include 44m/ 18 m high dams, 5.5 km long headrace tunnel, Gross head of 620m and design discharge of 35m3/s

Scope of Services: DCS’ scope of work include:

  • Analyse the feasibility of upper reservoir, Bypass tunnels and Lower Reservoir Scheme
  • Clarify operational rules for tunnels and reservoirs, including removal of deposits in reservoirs
  • Analyse the feasibility of Diversion dam and Desilting basin Scheme such as taken in KGK – A downstream of KGK
  • Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of the above two schemes (Reservoir +Bypass Vs Diversion dam +Desilting basin) with reference to KGK project