Upper Myagdi (53.5 MW) Hydroelectric Project, Nepal

Upper Myagdi is peaking run-of-river type hydropower project with installed capacity of 53.5 MW located at Myagdi District, Gandaki Province, Nepal. Salient features of the project include:underground desanding system, 4m dia 5.5km long headrace tunnel, surface powerhouse with two Francis turbines of 26.75MW capacity.

DCS is providing consulting services for Updating of Feasibility Study and Detailed Engineering Design. Detailed scope of works include:

    • Topographical survey and mapping
    • Hydrological investigation and hydrological studies
    • Sediment sampling and sedimentation studies
    • Geological and geotechnical investigation and geological studies
    • Preparation of Design Basis Memorandum
    • Project layout and general arrangement of project components
    • Flood plain analysis
    • Transient analysis using HYTRAN
    • Design of diversion dam, intake, under sluice, gravel trap, flushing arrangement, tunnel, surge tank, penstock, powerhouse, tailrace, powerhouse, and switchyard.
    • Design of hydromechanical and electromechanical equipment
    • Calculation of power and energy output
    • Construction planning and scheduling
    • Contract packaging
    • Preparation of cost and quantity estimates
    • Preparation of Detailed Project Report (DPR) and Updated Feasibility Study
    • Preparation of Detailed Engineering Design and Drawings

Client: Upper Myagdi Hydropower Pvt Ltd, Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal.

Duration: Oct 2020- Ongoing