Super Tamor Hydropower Project (155 MW)

This project is a run-of-river type project that utilizes a discharge of 25.16 m3/s from Tamor River located at Taplejung district of Nepal. It utilizes the natural head about 745m. The major civil structures of the project are ogee shaped diversion weir, side intake, under sluice, gravel trap, underground settling basin, approach canal, headrace tunnel (5700 m length), surge shaft, surface penstock pipe, underground powerhouse (15mx 30m), 4 units of Pelton vertical axis turbine and tailrace canal.

Scope of Services: DCS’s scope of services include:

  • Sediment Study and river routing
  • Project Layout, site selection and optimization of the structures
  • Sizing of the civil components, intake size, settling basin arrangement, stilling basin design, Flood routing, Surge tank design & transient analysis, Powerhouse cavern sizing and unit optimization including tailrace design.
  • Checking option for Peaking & ROR

Client: ITECO Nepal Pvt Ltd

Duration: 2018-19