Saru Khola 20 MW HEP

The  CIAS-ADMC-DESIRED JV is the Client for DCS. The project belongs to the DOED but DCS is subconsultant for ADMC. The DCS responsibility for this project include,

  • Site visit and assist in site selection of major project components
  • Site selection of headworks and powerhouse location (Approx. 4 days)
  • HECRAS – simulation for d/s cases (Intake to Chheda Khola), to include the d/s effect.
  • Reservoir Routing with respect to floods ( 2 yrs, 5yrs, 10yrs, 50yrs, 100 yrs, 500yrs,  1000yrs and PMF floods)
  • Reservoir capacity & Energy calculation/simulation
  • Filling & Dewatering reservoir
  • Sediment inflow to reservoir
  • Explore possibilities of PRoR option and determine peaking capacity
  • Conceptual PRoR layout configuration
  • Assist hydropower engineer in layout finalization and hydraulic design of project components
  • Presentation of outcomes of hydraulic design to client/DoED if deemed necessary

The team during Saru Khola site visit