Upper Trishuli-1 HEP is a long diversion high head hydropower project, the headrace, and power generation system is located on the right bank with a total installed capacity of 216MW, it mainly consists of a power intake, 3-bay settling basin, 10 km long headrace tunnel, headrace surge tank, a pressure shaft, three penstocks with 2 Y-bifurcations, an underground powerhouse housing, three Francis type turbine-generator units with the single unit capacity of 72MW, three draft tube tunnels, three tailrace surge shafts, a trifurcation tunnel, and one tailrace
The Upper Trishuli 1 Hydroelectric Project is located on the Trishuli River 70 km north of Kathmandu, Nepal. The upstream is adjacent to Upper Trishuli 2 Hydroelectric Project and the downstream is Upper Trishuli 3A Hydroelectric Project.