Middle Mewa (73.5 MW) Hydroelectric Project, Nepal

Middle Mewa is peaking run-of-river type hydropower project with installed capacity of 73.5 MW located at Taplegunj district, Nepal.  Salient features of the project include: gross head of 475m, 5,430 m head race tunnel, design discharge of 19.02 m3/s.

DCS has provided Design Review and Numerical Modelling of headworks. The detailed scope of works performed by DCS include:

  • Review of the project related documents, mainly Detailed Engineering documents, geological and geotechnical reports.
  • Design review of Dam Foundation:
  • Optimization of dam height.
  • Cost review of dam
  • Preliminary Instrumentation
  • Numerical modelling using HYTRAN

As per results of numerical modelling, major changes has been made in diversion tunnel, dam alignment, gate arrangement and intake performance.

Client: Mewa Developers Limited, Sanepa, Lalitpur, Nepal.

Duration: Aug 2020-Oct 2020